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Siemens offers CE approved products for your export applications. Below are links to many of the data sheets:

Technical Literature:
AGA56 Analog Input Modules
AGK11 AGK65 AGK66 Connection Accessories
AGM Baseplates
ASZ Potentiometers
LAE1 Burner Controls
LAE10 LFE10 Flame Safeguards
LAL Burner Controls
LDU11 Valve Proving System
LEC1 Burner Controls
LFE1 Burner Controls
LFE50 UV Flame Safeguard
LFL Burner Controls
LFL1.148 Burner Controls
LFS1 Flame Safeguard
LFS1 Flame Safeguard User Guide
LGA Burner Controls
LGB Burner Controls
LGI Burner Controls
LME39 Overview
LME39 User Guide
LME Burner Controls
LME Product Overview
LMO14 LMO24 LMO44 Oil Burner Controls
LMO39 Overview
LMO39 User Guide
LMO64 Burner Controls
LMV26.300 Linkageless Burner Management System
LMV27.100 Linkageless Burner Management System
LOA2 LOA3 Burner Controls
LOA44 Burner Control
LOK16 LGK16 Burner Controls
QPL Pressure Switch
QRA4.U UV Scanner
QRA5 Mounting Instructions
QRA50M Scanner
QRA Sensor
QRB1, QRB3 Sensor
QRB4 Sensor
QRC Sensor
RAR Sensor
SKPx5 CE Gas Valves
SQM5 CE Actuators
SQM10 SQM20 Actuators
SQN30 SQN31 SQN41 Actuators
SQN7 Actuators
SQN72 Actuators
SQN9 Actuators
SQN13 SQN14 Actuators
VGD CE Valves
VGG VGF Valves
VKF41 Valves
VLF Valves
VRD40 CE Bio Gas Valves

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